Divorce Process: your choices

Me as your collaborative advisor:

you and your partner sign an agreement not to go to court. I will be by your side at a series of meetings with your partner and their collaborative lawyer. As a team we will explore options and deliver transparent legal advice around the table in your search for a fair outcome for your children and financially. You can be supported by other members of a collaborative team who are trained to give financial and emotional support to separating families.Your agreement will be reflected in a legally binding document.

Me as your mediator:

I will meet you and your partner together in a series of meetings to help you to communicate positively and respectfully in your search for an agreed way forward for your separating family (financial arrangements and/or arrangements for children). I will not judge or take sides. As a mediator I cannot give legal advice. You should take legal advice alongside the mediation process. At the end of the mediation process I will summarise your agreement in writing for your solicitors to reflect this in a document which will become legally binding.

General legal guidance/support:

for those who just want some support parallel to their direct discussions to help them to better understand their legal situation or some advice and guidance where they are engaged in a mediation process with another mediatior. I can arrange to meet with you as much or as little as you need to support you to move forward in a cost effective way.

Parenting Apart Information and Guidance:

I run regular local information and guidance meetings for separating parents. These last for approximately an hour and include information/guidance/tips about: understanding the emotional stages of a family’s separation, how to tell your children about your separation, creating a two home concept for your children, creating a parenting plan for your children. For more information please call me on 07515 809552.




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