Divorce Services

I offer a broad range of divorce services and will always try to find a level of service and a cost structure that will suit you. I have one golden rule which is that I will not go to court for clients (other than to present agreements to the Judge).

My services include the following:

Telephone consultation

Early information about your options can be incredibly helpful and is an important first step for anyone facing separation. I am very happy to talk to you about your options once I have secured a broad understanding of your situation in order to make a recommendation about the best way forward. I can make some suggestions about further reading/research which will help to broaden your understanding of those options. If I do not think that I can help you then I will be very pleased to suggest the names of others who would be able to offer support and advice.

There is no charge for this telephone consultation which will last for 30 minutes.

Comprehensive evaluation meeting

At this meeting I will seek to understand your family dynamic in more detail and focus on the options in depth with you. We can consider which process might be the best match for you and your partner. You can browse my client reference library and I can provide a wealth of information about how separation impacts on families and what steps you might find useful. I can arrange to introduce you to a Family Consultant if you would find some further emotional support helpful. If family collaborative practice or mediation do not seem appropriate then I am very happy to form a link between you and a family litigation lawyer whom I know and respect.

There is a fixed fee of £250 plus VAT for this meeting which will last approximately 1.5-2 hours.

Collaborative Representation

This process works best for couples who have not yet tackled issues arising from their separation and who wish to have the support of the collaborative process to help them to move forward. Early in the process we can address how many meetings are likely to be needed. The pace and content of the process is driven by you to enable a solution to be tailored to your individual family needs.

Family Mediation

Another option for couples is to engage me to act as a neutral and impartial Family Mediator. Here my role is to help you both to reach agreements about how best to make arrangements for the future, relating to either your children or your finances. I can help you to generate options and to reality check those options alongside your commitment to find a solution that will work for your family. This process works best with parallel legal advice since I cannot give advice, take sides or draft the legal paperwork in my role as a Family Mediator.

For some families a mediation service offers the best forum for them to find workable and fair solutions around a table. At the conclusion to that process or sometimes during the mediation process an individual may need some legal advice and/ or someone to draft legal paperwork and to process a divorce/financial court order in order to achieve finality in the spirit of the cooperative mediation process they have undertaken.

Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting

Before going to court you are required to talk to a family mediator about other options which would help to avoid court. It is possible that your solicitor will link you up with a mediator to take part in such a meeting. I will conduct a meeting with you to explain your options and talk about your situation to help you to decide if mediation might be a helpful way forward. I can also contact your separated partner to invite them to contact me so that I can have a similar discussion with them to find out if they might also be willing to sit around a table, away from court, to find agreements about how best to move forward in your separation journey

Reference library

At my office I have a useful stock of books and resource materials which are intended to give you information to help you to make good decisions and to keep your costs down.



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