‘Maura McKibbin is a collaborative solicitor who is best recognised for alternative dispute resolution work.  Sources are quick to praise her, with interviewees noting: “She is fantastic as a mediator and collaborative lawyer”‘ [Chambers and Partners 2019]

“Having an open forum to discuss such delicate matters really helped a very painful time in my life.  Thank you for your advice and impartiality.” [July 2018]

“I’m very grateful for the help and direction you have given us, and I hope this continues as it makes co-parenting much easier.” [March 2018]

“Well what can one say about Maura. She helped and guided me through a very traumatic and terrible time in my life , one that I never thought I would have to go through, or even face, after 39 years of marriage. She helped me through the collaborative process with empathy, trust and support when I needed it most. She was always there when needed and with her wealth of knowledge I came through the process with my dignity held intact for which I thank her dearly. Thank you Maura.” [March 2018]

‘Thanks Maura.  You were very helpful and actually were pivotal in progressing us towards a settlement” [February 2018]

‘Maura McKibbin is a collaborative solicitor who is well known for her expertise in alternative dispute resolution methods’ [Chambers and Partners 2018]

‘Can I take this opportunity to say thank you.  I am aware our mediation sessions were an essential dynamic to move matters forward when we reached a stage of readiness to engage.  You have a lovely disposition about you which I found reassuring during our meetings.’ [July 2017]

‘I just wanted to say thank you for all the help you gave during mediation.  I am very thankful that my solicitor put us in touch, and the professionalism you showed throughout the process was second to none.’ [April 2017]

‘Many thanks indeed for steering us through mediation with so little confrontation or awkwardness.  The remainder of the process will no doubt take longer still, but thanks to you we’re on the home straight.’ [April 2017]

‘Many many thanks for all your help during this process.  You helped me gain the confidence and strength to negotiate something that felt fair to both of us.  Although it was terribly painful I feel so much better now and know that it could have been much much worse.’ [April 2017]

‘Maura, your wise words, clear guidance, extreme patience and extraordinary empathy in all the right places, has made an impossible situation possible.  I am eternally grateful that you were always mindful of the facts and the monies (indeed you pressed me to be succinct to save both time and monies).  Thank you always’ [February 2017]

Sole Practitioner Maura Mckibbin is well known for alternative dispute resolution work, especially in regard to collaborative and mediation. Sources describe her as ‘a delight to work with’ and as someone ‘forging the way for the non-litigious approach’ [Chambers and Partners 2017]

‘Maura Mckibbin is a sole practitioner who is held in high regard for her Manchester-based mediation practice. She draws on extensive experience in collaborative law proceedings relating to divorce and separation.’ [Chambers and Partners 2016]

‘Maura Mckibbin specialises in mediation and is widely regarded as “one of the leading lights in the collaborative field.” She wins plaudits for her calming manner and ability to achieve solutions.’ [Chambers and Partners 2015]

‘I found the Parenting Apart Information Meeting extremely insightful and useful. I think that all parents going through separation/divorce should attend or make use of this type of session to re-focus and reinforce what is important during this challenging time. ‘ (March 2014)

“Maura is hailed as a ‘standout individual in the region’ for her expertise regarding complex separation disputes and also the support that she offers clients throughout these proceedings.” (Chambers and Partners 2014)

“I have found Maura to be a tremendous help and support at every stage of my divorce. I have no doubt that my divorce would have ended up in the courts were it not for the input she gave right from the start. Maura gives, time, thought and consideration at all stages of the process. Even the first discussion where Maura explains the divorce process and hears about your details was incredibly helpful.  I cannot praise Maura enough for her professionalism and caring approach to what is a very stressful time. I chose Maura because of a personal recommendation from a colleague. In turn I have recommended Maura to a work colleague who has split up with her husband. I know Maura will do a great job. My divorce now seems like a distant bad period in my life and things are very calm now for me. I will be forever grateful to Maura for her support and recommend her without hesitation to any couple or individual going through divorce. ” (November 2013)

‘The Parenting Apart Information Meeting was an excellent introductory session’ (October 2013)

‘The Parenting Apart Information Meeting is a fantastic venture and one which should be promoted.’ (October 2013)

‘I used Maura Mckibbin to support  me through a collaborative divorce last year and her help and support was invaluable. At times the going was tough as we had some complex financial matters to resolve, but Maura’s professionalism and positive attitude steered us through those difficult patches. She was always 100% behind me and that was very reassuring when I felt anxious. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Maura to anyone who finds themselves facing separation.’ (April 2013)

‘Thanks for your assistance in this matter which could easily have resulted in a less positive outcome and that is a direct result of your collaborative process. I can now move on with the knowledge that all matters have been resolved in an amicable manner’ (January 2013)

‘Maura facilitated and smoothed the way for a divorce process that was as simple as could possibly be achieved, without incurring unnecessary cost. She listened to suggestions and ideas and took these on board. She advised, offered extra guidance where needed and made everything run smoothly and according to an agreed timetable. By having a sympathetic legal expert who wanted to make the divorce straightforward and without conflict, we were able to reach a conclusion with the minimum of effort and intervention. I would recommend Maura to anyone who needs to address the unfortunate situation where divorce is the only option. A collaborative way forward is the only sensible one in my opinion. My wife and I remain on good terms after our divorce and most importantly the children suffered the minimum of disruption.’ (January 2013)


Sole practitioner Maura Mckibbin is ‘very collaborative and I admire her for looking at alternative remedies.’ She is a trained mediator and collaborative law practitioner, who brings her expertise to a range of separation disputes. (Chambers Legal Directory 2013)

Maura provided me with a sympathetic yet professional service, highly responsive to urgent and long term needs. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.’ (September 2012)

Maura McKibbin is a sole practitioner who is spearheading the development of collaborative law in the region.  She commands respect and admiration due to her ‘standard of client care and her commitment to the needs of the family as a whole’.
Chambers Legal Directory – 2010 


‘Clear and helpful advice from start to finish.’
November 2010


‘I found out about Maura’s collaborative work purely by chance, but I will be eternally grateful for her knowledge and expertise in offering such a professional caring service.  She clearly has extensive experience of the traditional process and has developed her own approach to collaboration in order to turn divorce into a dignified separation.  Having gone through collaboration I am certain that the experience was much lass painful (and less expensive) than the traditional process would have been.’
November 2010


‘Very empathetic support with a clear tie to the relevant legal process and parameters’
September 2010 


‘Maura provided a totally professional service that was delivered with genuine warmth and empathy, making me feel well-advised and secure throughout the whole process.’
August 2010


‘Maura made an intolerable process tolerable.’
July 2010 


‘Maura provided a professional, efficient and empathetic solution to my needs.’
May 2010


‘Maura was recommended to me and my ex wife by a friend who wanted to support us through a most difficult time after 27 years of marriage. I would have no hesitation in recommending Maura to anyone who wanted to divorce, as her website suggests, “with dignity”.
Maura recommended a colleague for my ex wife to work with her and together we all worked through the issues and difficulties to a mutually beneficial and amicable outcome for us both.
The support given by Maura to me was superb. The collaborative process is what it says on the tin “collaborative”, and the pace and structure of the divorce is governed by the needs and wishes of the couple divorcing. As long as you want to, and are prepared to, talk things through together this process is brilliant and fairly painless, both emotionally and from a cost perspective. Divorce is clearly difficult but this process and Maura’s involvement was excellent.’

February 2010


‘Maura took on board what my wife and I required quickly, advised me clearly and worked with my wife’s representative very efficiently. Overall, an excellent help at a difficult time.’
July 2009


‘The collaborative process provided a supportive framework for the most difficult time of my life. It often felt like the process directed my actions in the opposite direction to those which my emotions would have made me react, but by doing this it focused the outcome on my daughter’s needs and I truly believe it created the best outcome possible from a very difficult situation.’
May 2009


‘I found Maura’s service caring, supportive and totally professional’
May 2009


‘Divorce can never be completely stress free, in fact for most people it’s one of the worst experiences they will go through in their life.  However my divorce in 2007 was made bearable by the use of the collaborative process and the good work of my solicitor Maura McKibbin.  My wife and I managed to stay on good terms throughout the divorce and reach an amicable settlement on the financial and other delicate issues.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Maura whom I found both professional and very personable.’
Bob MacDonald, Timperley, Cheshire


‘Maura’s sensitive and professional approach gave me the confidence to deal with the divorce.’
October 2009



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