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Divorce where children come first

Protecting your children

divorce solicitor manchester

High conflict between separating parents will impact badly upon children. Research shows that one of the most significant factors in how well children adjust is how their parents are managing to cope with their separation. Call 07515 809552 to book a free local Parenting Apart Information Meeting.


Staying out of court

divorce out of court

Litigation is a process set up for a winner and a loser and the costs can be high, both financially and emotionally.  It should be a last and not a first resort. I encourage clients to sit around a table with support and to search for an agreed way forward which enables them to stay in control of the divorce process and the outcome. (www.keepoutofcourt.com)


Keeping costs down

keeping divorce costs low


There are steps you can take to keep divorce costs down. Working in a cooperative way as you separate will help you to stay in control of costs.





Parenting Apart

parenting apart

Support for separating parents: what helps and what hurts children

I run regular information meetings for separating parents who want to better understand what helps and what hurts children when families separate. It is vital for parents to have the information they need, to know what to expect and to put support in place for their children.


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‘I found out about Maura’s collaborative work purely by chance, but I will be eternally grateful for her knowledge and expertise in offering such a professional caring service.  She clearly has extensive experience of the traditional divorce process and has developed her own approach to collaboration in order to turn divorce into a dignified separation.  Having gone through collaboration I am certain that the experience was much lass painful (and less expensive) than the traditional process would have been.’



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